Why Us

PeopleShores offers unique benefits to our clients.


Unique characteristicsAttributeOutcomes
On-shore delivery at scaleOur templatized operating model leads to quick expansion and scaling of centers in underrepresented communities in the U.S.Rapid scaling of resources Delivery from U.S. locations Time zone support Local contextualization
High level of comittmentA career-oriented professional job in our targeted communities is perceived as a life-changing opportunityHigh-quality service Fewer distractions
Low attrition“Stickiness” to the community and family combined with PeopleShores supportive cultureContinuous process improvement Productivity gains Reduced cost of recruitment and training
Cost-effective solutionsMost communities provide a cost advantage Subsidies are provided at the local and state levelOptimal price Comparable to near-shore locations
High social impactSocial Commitment is at the core of PeopleShores’ mission Jobs created in our communities stimulate economic activity, leading to a substantial local multiplier effectHighlights a company’s social consciousness

PeopleShores is an impact sourcing organization that changes lives and builds stronger communities.

Digital Skills Development Center

San Jose, CA

We are headquartered in San Jose, CA. With access to Silicon Valley expertise and innovation, we partner with leading new age technology companies to incubate digital transformation skills in our SJ center before being exported to our delivery centers outside the valley.

Delivery Center

Clarksdale, MS

Our second office is in Clarksdale, MS, the heart of the Mississippi Delta and birthplace of the Blues.

We deliver high quality services to Corporate America from this center.