Who We Are

PeopleShores is a for-profit social enterprise that brings technology-driven jobs to the “shores” of economically challenged communities in the United States.

PeopleShores’ purpose is to make a difference that matters, in underserved communities in the US, by building a world-class technology and technology -enabled services business. It is particularly focused on socially & economically challenged young adults and military veterans.

This purpose is accomplished by implementing PeopleShores’ differentiated social impact operating model, that leverages a 5 million strong pool of overlooked talent in the US, which, with the right training and support, enable PeopleShores to lead the market in those service areas it chooses to provide

Our business model is rooted in an idea that was pioneered by PeopleShores founder, Murali Vullaganti, and his team at RuralShores in India 10 years ago. Today, RuralShores employs nearly 3000 rural youth in 13 centers across 8 states. With PeopleShores, we are adapting this proven business model for American markets, leveraging the knowledge and experience of tech-sector visionaries while realizing the untapped potential of unemployed and underemployed Americans.

We are united, as a company, in operating PeopleShores in a way that doesn’t just improve business profits, but human lives and communities, as well.

Our Vision

To build a more inclusive workforce in an increasingly digital world.

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality Digital Transformation Services from on-shore (US) centers in disadvantaged communities.

Our Proposition

An Impact Sourcing Enterprise for minorities, veterans and economically challenged.

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Our Team

Meet the teams that make PeopleShores so great.

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Our Founder’s Story

Dreaming a million dreams: transforming “opportunity youth” into knowledge professionals

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