What We Do

PeopleShores is a technology enterprise, providing digital services that positively impact the business operations of our customers while providing a social benefit. 

Skills Developed

We offer 320 hours of foundation training and 160 – 320 hours of advanced technical and/or process training.

Soft SkillsTechnical SkillsBusiness Process Skills
Work ReadinessRobotics Process Automation (RPA)Customer Service Etiquettes
Professional OrientationSQL & PythonBusiness Process Basics
Team BuildingAdvanced ExcelAccounting Fundamentals
Personality DevelopmentData AnalysisConversational AI
Communication SkillsGoogle Analytics
Cyber Security Basics
Software Testing


We help businesses develop improved processes that improve efficiency, productivity, profitability and security.

Digital Transformation Services

Process Automation Services (RPA)AI / ML Augmented ServicesCybersecurity
Bots DesignAI Systems TrainingSecurity Monitoring
Bot DevelopmentAI Data ValidationThreat Detection
Runtime Environment MonitoringImage/Data CapturingFraud Detection
Bot MaintenanceData Indexing/ LabelingIncident Investigation
IQ Bot trainingImage TaggingCompliance Reporting


Customer ServicesBack Office ProcessingCorporate FunctionsTech Support
Queries/ComplaintsNew Policy ProductionsPay2ProcureQA Testing
SurveysClaims ProcessingOrder2CashL1 Tech Support
RemindersLoan OriginationRecruitment Processes
Product Support
Level 1 Tech Support

Impact Created

PeopleShores is an impact sourcing organization that changes lives and builds stronger communities.

Case Studies

Process Automation

Machine Learning and Data Services

Motion Simulation

Technology Partnership & Platforms

PeopleShores partners with some the world’s leading technology companies to deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients.