A Global Leader in Impact Sourcing and the Inspiration for PeopleShores.

When Murali Vullaganti co-founded RuralShores in 2008, his vision was to connect rural, disconnected youth with tech-sector opportunities in India’s fast-growing business process outsourcing industry.

India, at the time, had experienced a technology revolution, but young people in rural areas were not benefiting from the transition to knowledge economy jobs. To address this challenge, RuralShores developed programs to train and employ rural workers to find gainful employment in India’s large and growing business process outsourcing sector.

The company quickly became a leader in “impact sourcing,” an approach to outsourcing that’s grounded in social responsibility. Today, Rural Shores has grown to offer 13 delivery centers in eight Indian states, employing thousands.

RuralShores currently employs more than 3,000 individuals, who have been collectively trained to handle over 100 complex processes, serving more than 25 marquee clients.

Modelled Around a Proven Successful Operation

RuralShores: A Global Leader in Impact Sourcing

  • The Idea of PeopleShores was inspired by the success of RuralShores in India
  • In its 10 years of operation, RuralShores has provides employment for more than 11,000 rural youth across India.
  • Widely written about in the world’s media including the New York Times, LA Times, Swedish Daily, Nippon & Financial Times.

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