Our Proposition

There exist 5 Million Opportunity Youth¹ (& veterans) and 910,000² unfilled technology jobs.

PeopleShores bridges this gap by transforming the aspiring young adults into technology professionals and offering technology & tech-enabled services to corporates through this untapped talent.

Our focus communities include:

  • Opportunity Youth in Inner cities (autistic spectrum, homeless, foster, single mothers…),
  • Minorities in distressed communities (such as Mississippi Delta), and
  • Veterans & spouses near military bases

PeopleShores invests in these young adults by providing comprehensive paid training and empowering them with technological and digital skills. Upon completion of the training, PeopleShores offer them full-time employment with full benefits with technology and tech-enabled careers.

The COVID-19 crisis, the economic disruption it caused, and the recent protests raised corporate consciousness on both risk and social fronts. These in turn changed the business narrative effecting operating models. Some key steps taken by Corporate America include (apart from WFH):

  • Acceleration of process automation to improve business efficiencies using remote working
  • Bringing back some off-shore work on-shore for risk mitigation
  • Creation of more jobs in underserved communities with a large minority population

PeopleShores’ mission enables companies to address all three areas with speed and agility. For businesses that have a strong sense of community support and are committed to socially responsible procurement of services, PeopleShores enables Impact Sourcing.

Key Characteristics:

  1. 100% US Onshore focus
  2. Nearshore rates for onshore services
  3. 80% of employees are minorities, primarily African Americans
  4. Demonstrated ability to rapidly scale operation (recruit, train and deploy)

Target Customers & Processes:

Companies and businesses that are looking to outsource:

    • Critical processes where there is the acute need for qualified resources that can be engaged in a shortperiod of time, to be engaged for a finite period or a longer-term
    • Processes and activities that require a strong American language and cultural parity
    • Business processes that require application of RPA tools and Intelligent automation through BOTdevelopment and improve performance
    • Processes that are currently done offshore, in order to provide an alternative solution close to home
    • And take credit for engaging a socially responsible and a minority-owned business
    • And take advantage of spreading portfolio risks among multiple providers

PeopleShores is modelled around its business partner, RuralShores, which was founded in India 10 years ago by the same founder with a focus to provide jobs for rural youth through IT and BPO services. RuralShores currently employs more than 3000 youth in 13 centres across 8 states in rural India. RuralShores won IAOP/GISC’s BestImpact Sourcing Enterprise award in 2019. PeopleShores and RuralShores combined customers include several large global companies include five of Fortune 50.


PeopleShores takes pride in its proprietary skills development model which enables the associates develop soft and technical foundation skills through an intensive and comprehensive ‘paid’ training program. Upon successful completion of the foundation training, they will undergo on-job process training. Our scalable training methodology can be customized to tailor the processes they will be working on post training.

Digital Transformation Services

Process Automation Services (RPA) AI / ML Augmented Services Cybersecurity
Bots Design AI Systems Training Security Monitoring
Bot Development AI Data Validation Threat Detection
Runtime Environment Monitoring Image/Data Capturing Fraud Detection
Bot Maintenance Data Indexing/ Labeling Incident Investigation
IQ Bot training Image Tagging Compliance Reporting

Tech Enabled Services

Customer Services Back Office Processing Corporate Functions Tech Support
Queries/Complaints New Policy Productions Pay2Procure QA Testing
Surveys Claims Processing Order2Cash L1 Tech Support
Reminders Loan Origination Recruitment Processes
Product Support
Level 1 Tech Support

Value proposition

PeopleShores offers a unique and compelling business value proposition to its customers. The positive social impact created is the icing and the credit fully goes to the customer partners.

  • A trained workforce capable of performing Digital Transformation and BPO services including BOT design & development, customer services and back office support
  • Unique partnership with Automation Anywhere and UiPath for RPA development
  • Onsite training program for hard and soft skills, focusing on future technology
    • All services are U.S. based and engages local workforce
    • Demonstrated ability to recruit and train large number of processors in a short period of time
    • Economically disadvantaged locations but access to educational institutions for providing skilled

workforce and training programs

  • Competitively priced services offered at rates that match near-shore
  • Cost differential benefit through our center locations
  • Strong commitment to delivering quality service through training and strong oversight
  • Workforce trained in standard processes and methodologies that delivery quality product
Cycle Time
  • Onshore centers providing no greater than 3-hour time difference with customers
  • Use of technology tools and training provides for higher productivity in the workforce
Risk Management
  • Strong center leadership and concentrated effort to manage work reduces delivery risk
  • Periodic risk assessment assures that the weaknesses are addressed effectively
Business continuity
  • Adequate workspace, scheduling, and focus on meeting federal, state and local safety requirements allowed our centers to be operational during the recent pandemic
  • Designed infrastructure allowed “work from home” as well making sure that the centers were operating at full capacity
  • PeopleShores is committed to its social mission and business model. Highly successful and qualified Boards of Directors and Advisors are assuring maintaining this commitment

Both San Jose and Clarksdale centers received several recognitions and also been featured in ABC News.


¹ Aspen Institute
² Wall Street Journal