Our Stories

Nadia Sultana, Process Associate, Brooklyn

PeopleShores Changed My Life

After completing a software engineering boot camp, I faced challenges finding a job. That’s when PeopleShores stepped in, helping me secure employment. However, personal issues led to a two-month break, and upon returning, I was jobless. PeopleShores once again came to my rescue, connecting me with an IT Process Associate position at Nagarro. Their unwavering support transformed my life, offering employment and a renewed sense of hope and stability. I am genuinely grateful for PeopleShores, as they have been a lifeline in my career journey.

Aerial Creggett, Team Lead, Pine Bluff

I was working as a janitor in a building next to PeopleShores office, one day I ran into the Center Director of PeopleShores. She was recruiting in the same building I worked in and I requested for an opportunity to work in a professional setup. To my surprise, I got a call the next day and was put in foundation training where I learnt the skills required to be a process associate for a customer service process. I excelled in my training and became a full time associate for a customer service process. Everything was going great until I hit a personal hardship in my life. I tried my best to keep it out of my professional life, but I began to lose sight of what was important–my goals and therefore I began to give up. After many attempts to pull me back to where I needed to be, my manager advised me that I should focus on getting my personal life together and come back when I am ready. I am so grateful for that because she could have just terminated me, but she gave me a chance to correct myself, thanks to the support from my mentors, not only did I join back PeopleShores but I got promoted to Team Lead for my hard work, dedication and commitment. Ever since I came back to PeopleShores’, I have learned much more about the business world than what any class or book could have taught me. Since then, I have also learned to be more understanding and thoughtful of others, a lot of that knowledge came from learning with my manager and watching others in a leadership position.

Evelia Fleming, Process Lead, Pine Bluff

Before coming to PeopleShores, I worked at Evergreen Packaging a Crane Operator and was on my way to bigger responsibilities with the company when I was diagnosed with colon cancer (Stage 3). I didn’t have time to prepare for anything, the surgery got scheduled in no time because of the advanced stage of the cancer. After a short recovery, I went through Chemotherapy for 7 months. Even in my sickness, no matter how tired and sick I was I still had to take care of my son alone, who was 4 at the time. I had no choice but to keep him home with me, because I could no longer afford the cost of daycare.

It was in one of my Chemo sessions that I thought about all the things I would do differently, starting with a having a career instead of a job and which did not require me to work for 12+ hours every day. something that allowed me to spend more time with my family and that would enable me to advance by my own merit and abilities.

In August 2021, I went back to Evergreen and found out they were closing my department. They moved me to a department with heavy physical work that caused me to have a triple hernia. Once again, my doctor removed me from work, and said “you should be in an office setting, you’re smart”.

I was sitting at home sad and feeling helpless. I said a prayer that I be guided in a new and better direction. A few days later, I saw an opportunity on Facebook, that I had not seen for my community – ever. PeopleShores was investing in training people in technical roles. I had never heard of the company, so I researched them. I found out when and where PeopleShores would be in Pine Bluff, polished my resume and came in to be interviewed. I was accepted and offered a position with the very first project with the opening of PS Pine Bluff Center, I was beyond ecstatic!

I was consistently in the top performer category, helped my team members to get better and with my dedication and hard work became a Team Lead for the project. Again, I was beyond ecstatic!

In my current capacity, I am working as a Center Project Lead due to my efforts in improving performance across processes, people engagement and streamlining operations at a center level. What I learned while being in PeopleShores, is for individuals who are really trying to be better and do something better with their future, the opportunity is here. It’s in the everyday compassion and guidance that the company’s mission extends further than training. I have not encountered such mentorship in any of my previous experiences. I am grateful for the opportunity that PeopleShores has supported me through. I am also grateful for Murali for his vision of PeopleShores and giving opportunities to people from communities like Pine Bluff.