Our Impact

PeopleShores is an impact sourcing organization that changes lives and builds stronger communities.

Our Social Impact Report

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In contrast to traditional outsourcing companies, PeopleShores follows an approach to outsourcing that’s grounded in social responsibility.

Our business model, “impact sourcing” was pioneered by PeopleShores founder, Murali Vullaganti, and his team at RuralShores in the late 2000s. Today, RuralShores has become a global leader in impact sourcing, and PeopleShores is applying that experience to provide technology services in a way that changes lives and builds stronger communities, here in the United States.

JW Webster III

Marquisha Lester

Team Performance @ Cross Roads

Team Performance @ Cross Roads

San Jose Impact

Our Center in San Jose, California, was established in August 2017. To date, we have trained many Opportunity Youth, preparing them with technology skills for work at our company or other firms. We have forged relationships with a number of community partners who are helping us prepare a bridge to productive employment and self-sufficiency. And we continue to pilot and research new technologies emerging from Silicon Valley.

Clarksdale Impact

Our Clarksdale, Mississippi, center opened in early 2019. In just a short time, we have expanded to offer 200 direct jobs, providing wages and benefits that have improved the lives of, not just our associates, but more than 500 family members. PeopleShores is now the largest private employer in the region, outside of public services.

RuralShores Impact

Our social impact strategy builds on the growth and success of RuralShores, a social enterprise co-founded by Murali Vullaganti in 2008 to provide opportunities to disadvantaged youth in India. The company is a global leader in Impact Sourcing and has grown to employ more than 3,000 people at delivery centers across 13 Indian states.