Our Locations

We are located in areas where great opportunity and great need come together.

The Scale

At least a dozen Centers in 5 years Providing Careers to 3,000 Young Adults.

PeopleShores is actively working to expand our presence with the goal of opening at least 12 new centers over the next five years providing employment to 3,000 young adults. Our targeted communities include inner cities with a high number of disconnected young adults, military bases with underemployed veterans and their spouses, and rural communities with high unemployment.

San Jose, California

2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500, San Jose, CA  95110

The PeopleShores corporate center is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the world’s most dynamic regions for technology, research and entrepreneurial activity.

While our location affords us access to the great minds and cutting-edge technology, San Jose is also an area of tremendous need. The city has one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing populations of homeless people and roughly 15,000 “disconnected” youth.

Given our technology focus and social mission, there is no better place in America to carry out our dual responsibilities.

Coe Lab Honing New Age Digital Skills

Employing ‘disconnected’ youth in neighboring communities and serving primarily hi-tech companies in the Bay Area.

  • Capacity to employ up to 200
  • Center is located in a safe and serene office complex
  • Easy to Commute – 50 minutes from East San Jose & Alum Rock Area
  • Conducive environment for People to grow into Career Professional
  • Strong Partnership with San Jose City

San Jose Community Partners

Clarksdale, Mississippi

1540 Desoto Ave., Clarksdale, MS  38614

In 2019, PeopleShores opened its first regional delivery center in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Clarksdale is perhaps best know as the “birthplace of the blues” for its many sites of historic importance in the development of blues music. It is a region of great creativity, but also deep and systemic multigenerational poverty. Approximately one third of its residents live below the poverty line, including 46 percent of those under age 18.

Clarksdale may seem to some as a surprising location for a technology company, but the city fits our mission perfectly. In Clarksdale, we are finding unparalleled opportunity for transforming lives in economically challenged communities.

Employing underemployed adults Clarksdale/Coahoma County.

  • 200 Direct Jobs
  • 15,000 Sq. ft. Facility
  • Livelihood for 500 family members (avg. household size: 2.5)
  • Local multiplier effect throughout Delta region
  • Largest private employer in the region (outside Public Services)
  • Strong partnership with city, county and state workforce development agencies

A collage of PeopleShores employees who are based in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Clarksdale Community Partners