Our Impact

PeopleShores is an impact sourcing organization that changes lives and builds stronger communities.

Our Social Impact Report

Click the arrows below the PPT or the slides themselves to see our complete social impact report for 2018-2020.


In contrast to traditional outsourcing companies, PeopleShores follows an approach to outsourcing that’s grounded in social responsibility.

Our business model, “impact sourcing” was pioneered by PeopleShores founder, Murali Vullaganti, and his team at RuralShores in the late 2000s. Today, RuralShores has become a global leader in impact sourcing, and PeopleShores is applying that experience to provide technology services in a way that changes lives and builds stronger communities, here in the United States.

For our clients We will be a valued Impact Sourcing Partner
For our target communities We will enable and empower
For our investors We will provide an equitable social return
For ourselves We will seek meaning in our service
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Marquisha Lester
Team Performance @ Cross Roads
Team Performance @ Cross Roads