Lawrence Sneed

Process Lead, Brooklyn

Lawrence is a Software Engineer who leads a team at PeopleShores, PBC, currently working on Project Elevate with Morgan Stanley to impact the community and improve diversity in the industry. He has spent twenty years in customer service, the last five of which in workforce development, connecting talent from the community to national partners, while building relationships. Lawrence has mobilized more than 1,000 volunteers from 70 industry leaders including BNY Mellon, Barclays, Capgemini, Google, Salesforce, Capital One, Bank of America, and UBS raising over $50,000 in donations.

Lawrence holds a degree in computer information systems and has taken several programming courses through Per Scholas. While he enjoyed the work he was doing, his passion for helping people grow and develop themselves through tech led here. When he is not developing relationships or programs, Lawrence can be found visiting restaurants and movies, reading, or volunteering.