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Clarksdale firm hiring locals to help process unemployment claims

To help “expedite” filing and processing new claims, PeopleShores, an outsourcing technology firm based in Silicon Valley and Clarksdale, partnered with Horne CPA, a Jackson-based business advisory group, and MDES to launch a program. This program allowed for the creation of 150 news jobs. Of those, 75 positions are in Clarksdale, according to a news release. The two companies are focused on decreasing the hold times, getting claims into the system quickly and providing support to those impacted, the release said.

“We are grateful for Governor Tate Reeves for his support of this mission. We are delighted to see Horne and PeopleShores respond to our needs with speed and scale with their technology and operational expertise,” said Jackie Turner, executive director of MDES.

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Peopleshores Partnership

PeopleShores of Clarkdale took two big steps Friday on its journey to bring the Silicon Valley to the Mississippi Delta.

PeopleShores announced the opening of its new Robotic Process Automation Center for Excellence in collaboration with Automation Anywhere and that one of their first clients will be Mississippi’s own Horne CPA.

The announcement was made in front a room packed with more than 300 people from San Jose, Calif.; Houston, Texas; New York City; and of course, Clarksdale.

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Vanity Fair: Jon Levingston on PeopleShores

“These people are as smart, as capable, as anyone. They have been taught robotic process automation, how to write and develop software robots successfully, efficiently, and effectively. It has been done economically,” Jon Levingston, the executive director of the Clarksdale Chamber of Commerce, said of the program through the San Jose-based PeopleShores. “We learn that we often label people by virtue of race and socioeconomic status. By doing so we limit our possibilities, and when we cease to do this, we enlarge our possibilities, and create opportunity in areas of the country that desperately need those opportunities. I think that that’s what we’ve done here.”

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Silicon Valley is coming to town!

A new company is coming to Clarksdale. They start on January 1, 2019.  It is called PeopleShores, and it represents a new high-tech industry for both us and the Mississippi Delta.

There will be 30 – 40 jobs available quickly.  Entry level positions start at $10 – $15 an hour.  The beginning of this work will be in back office data analytics (that might sound hard, but it isn’t).  Job qualifications are rather easy in today’s world: if you already have basic computer awareness, that’s great.  If you play games on a computer, or your phone, that’s even greater too. If you’re comfortable using your mobile phone, like searching on google, being active in social media, sharing videos or anything much beyond just talking on it, that’s a big plus. Each employee will be trained for the job by accomplished professionals (Read “you can do it, you won’t be lost.”  The folks really know what they are doing).

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From RuralShores to PeopleShores, Murali Vullaganti-founded Companies Changing Lives of Underprivileged

Murali Vullaganti built a successful career for himself spending a decade and a half in the U.S. and another five years in the Asia-Pacific serving large corporations.

The founder and director of the global financial markets group at Electronic Data Systems – now Hewlett-Packard – moved back to India in 2008 to change his purpose in life.

It was then that he created RuralShores, a company that focused on job creation for unemployed youth in underserved areas of India.