PeopleShores is an Impact Sourcing Partner for Socially Conscious Corporations.

Ten Thousand Dreams. One Team. We Are PeopleShores.

Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation solutions for enterprises

PeopleShores designs, develops, monitors and maintains RPA solutions. By automating repetitive business tasks, organizations can improve efficiency and profitability.

AI/ML Augmented Services

Advanced collection, processing and analysis of business data

We work with companies to gather, record and process data, utilizing technologies powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cyber Security

Fraud and threat detection, prevention and response

Our teams help organizations implement policies and procedures to prevent, detect and respond to internet fraud, cyberattacks and data breaches.

Tech-Enabled Services

Support for critical business processes

We provide advanced services for customer service, technical support, and management of back-office and corporate applications and systems.

PeopleShores empowers disconnected young adults through education and employment.

We enable them to deliver outsourcing services from onshore centers located in underserved communities.

We deliver digital transformation and technology enabled services to corporate America with quality and purpose.

We invest in communities while providing
advanced, in-demand technology services.

PeopleShores offers high value services to socially conscious enterprises with locations in economically challenged areas.  We provide service by recruiting, training and employing individuals from these disadvantaged areas. It’s a business model that benefits our customers, our employees and the community

Aerial view of San Jose, California

Digital Skills Development Center

San Jose, CA

We are headquartered in San Jose, CA. With access to Silicon Valley expertise and innovation, we partner with leading new age technology companies to incubate digital transformation skills in our SJ center before being exported to our delivery centers outside the valley.

Downtown buildings in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Delivery Center

Clarksdale, MS

Our second office is in Clarksdale, MS, the heart of the Mississippi Delta and birthplace of the Blues.

We deliver high quality services to Corporate America from this center.

RuralShores: The Inspiration Behind PeopleShores.

The PeopleShores business model is inspired by RuralShores, a social enterprise that was co-founded by PeopleShores CEO, Murali Vullaganti. Based in Bangalore, India, Rural Shores has become a global leader in impact sourcing.

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